October 30, 2011

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

You will never look at bananas in the same way after this.  I was getting so sick of buying bananas, eating a few and then having the rest turn brown on me before I was able to eat them or use them.  I mean, come on, you can only eat so much banana bread.  This discovery has changed my life.  The possibilities are endless.  
1.  Take your browning bananas, peel them and slice them.  Place in a freezer container and freeze for at least one hour or until completely frozen (I let them sit in there overnight).  
2.  Place frozen banana slices in your food processor and process.  It will look chunky at first, but just keep going. 
3.  After a minute or two you will have a creamy, amazing goodness that will shock you that it really came from an old banana.  
4.  It will be the consistency of soft serve ice cream.  If you want to be able to scoop it, place it in the freezer for a few hours.

   Click Here to see another yummy way to use this ice cream and see what it looks like after it has been frozen.  It does not melt as fast as regular ice cream.  

One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

- Ripe Bananas, however many you have (I used two)

Peel the bananas.  Cut into slices and place in a tupperware.  Freeze for an  hour or two or until completely frozen.  Remove from freezer and place in food processor.  Process until the consistency of ice cream, scraping down sides occasionally.  Add any extra ingredients as desired and process until combined.  Serve immediately or re-freeze until ready to enjoy.

- Add peanut butter and cocoa 
- Add chopped nuts
- Add Nutella
- Add strawberries 
- Add maple syrup
- Add caramel syrup
- Add graham crackers or Nilla Wafers 
- Make a banana split with banana ice cream instead of vanilla
- Use the bananas instead of ice in a breakfast smoothie

Jenn's Notes:  This really does turn out smooth and creamy and has the consistency of ice cream - not icy at all.  I added a little unsweetened cocoa powder to one of my batches and it was not my favorite.  I think it would taste good with melted chocolate or chocolate chips, but the unsweetened cocoa tasted too "unsweetened".  I used to love mixing bananas, ice, milk and a chocolate Carnation breakfast mix into a smoothie for breakfast.  Now, I will freeze the bananas and skip the ice. You will never have to feel guilty about eating this ice cream.  I used two smaller bananas and it was the perfect serving size for one person (two big scoops).    


  1. This is a great recipe! I love substituting creamy bananas for milk in french toast too! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely try this very soon!

  2. Oh my goodness...as we speak I have 5 bananas sitting on my kitchen counter that are ripe but beyond eating (for my taste at least). I was gonna bake another batch of banana bread but this is PERFECT! I can't wait to try it!!

  3. Oh MY!!! I HAVE to try this - who would have thought you could just process bananas to that?

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. Thanks for the idea! That sounds great. I found your blog from the creative bloggers party & hop. I'm your newest follower. I'd love you to stop by my blog & follow along too!

  5. Yes,finally after winter Icecream maker si out and we are making it.Great;)

  6. I'm definitely going to try this. Looks delish. Thanks for sharing and thanks for joining my Sunday's Best Party. I am not now following you. Make sure you come back next Sunday Best

  7. I love the idea. I do not eat bananas my self but my grandchildren love them. When they are over we get plenty for them to eat. When they leave I usually send the leftovers home with them. Now I can make banana ice cream for them. Thanks for the great idea.

  8. We actually tried this and I was so surprised by the results! Delicious!

  9. I keep meaning to give this a try. Everyone says it's amazing.


  10. Oh funny, I just tried this today! I added cocoa and peanut butter but I think I liked it better without the cocoa.
    Definitely going to try it again!

  11. Oh my word this looks to die for and way easy! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. I've heard of this before, but never actually tried it. It's back on my list :)

  13. This looks AMAZING! I cannot wait to try it!
    I just jumped over from Flamingo Toes Link party.
    Rachel @ the brown abode

  14. I'm making this tonight we need to use our bananas before our trip on Thursday thanks!


  15. say what! that's great! thanks for sharing :)

  16. Thanks for sharing that great idea! I've just done it and post it immediately (my blog is in catalan...).


    Cheers from Barcelona!


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