September 8, 2013

Peach Freezer Jam - Less Sugar and it's AMAZING

 Holy Moly . . . this jam is DELICIOUS.  This was my first attempt at freezer jam and it was a huge success.  My mom makes some amazing strawberry freezer jam every year and this year when she kept telling me she has peaches that are ready to pick it just "clicked"  maybe I should try and make a peach freezer jam.  

Having no idea what I was doing, I searched for a recipe and the first one I found was from a blog I already follow.  The recipe sounded so good, but it had a lot less sugar than other recipes.  Would I really like a jam without all the extra sugar that I am used to?

The answer is YES . . . this is really amazing and it doesn't taste lower in sugar at all.
I was originally planning on taking step-by-step pics, but the whole process went so fast that I didn't end up snapping any.  So, check out THIS POST for STEP-BY-STEP pics if you need some help.

It really is something ANYONE CAN DO.

All you do is:
1.  Peel and puree the peaches
2.  Boil the juice and pectin for one minute
3.  Add the sugar and pureed peaches and boil 5 minutes
4.  Pour into clean jars

It's a piece of cake and WAY BETTER than any store-bought jam.

Try it, you'll LOVE it.
Peach Freezer Jam
adapted from: Recipe Girl
(Printable Recipe) or (Printable with Picture)

6-8 ripe peaches, peeled and sliced (3 cups puree)
3/4 c. unsweetened white grape or apple juice
1 (1.75 oz.) pkg. no-sugar-needed fruit pectin 
 (or 3 Tbl. from a jar)
1 c. granulated white sugar
5 (8 oz.) freezer-safe glass jars and lids (cleaned and dried)

Add sliced peaches to a food processor and process until desired consistency is reached.  I prefer completely smooth jam with no chunks.  You will need three cups of peach puree.  

Heat the white grape or apple juice in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat until it comes to a boil.  Slowly whisk in the pectin.  Continue to whisk until dissolved.  Keep at a hard boil for one minute.  Stir in three cups of peach puree and the sugar.  Bring back to a boil and keep at a rolling boil for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Remove from heat and transfer to a container with a pour spout  (it will be very liquidy at this point, but thickens as it cools)

Immediately divide the hot mixture between the five jars, leaving 1/2-inch room at the top to allow for expansion during freezing.  Place the tops on the jars and let them sit at room temperature until they are completely cooled (12 - 24 hours).  Put one jar in the fridge to enjoy now and the remaining jars in the freezer to enjoy later.  Jars may be kept frozen for up to one year.    

Jenn's Notes:  I started with 8 peaches, but some had a lot of bruises that I had to cut off and I ended up with just over 3 cups of puree.  Remember the riper the peach, the sweeter your jam will be.  I used white grape juice.

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  1. Thanks--I will make some of this yummy jam this week. you always lead me in great directions.

  2. This looks delicious! and so easy!!
    Pinning to save the recipe!


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