January 21, 2015

No-Bake Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

How's it going?  What kind of healthy things have you been snacking on?  I always like granola bars.  I don't know about you, but I get SO sick of store-bought granola bars.  Plus, the last box I bought tasted stale and they weren't even expired. 

 Sometimes, it's so convenient to just grab a box at the store, but homemade granola bars really are so easy to make.  You probably already have most of these ingredients on hand and in just a few short minutes, you can have homemade WAY BETTER than store-bought granola bars.

The flavor possibilities are endless.  Today, I was feeling like peanut butter and chocolate chip.  I love the combination of all these flavors, they all blend together perfectly and leave you with a super delicious, very soft and CHEWY granola bar.     

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Click HERE to get this delicious recipe over at The Recipe Critic's Site.


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