July 8, 2015

Italian Roasted Veggies

Did you know that I am a huge vegetable lover?  I love roasting a bunch in the oven and enjoying them for dinner and then for lunch the next day.  I always use red potatoes and baby carrots to save on time, because you don't have to peel them.  In the Summer, I also like to throw in some fresh sliced zucchini and chopped tomatoes from the garden. 

I grow basil each year and this year I also tried oregano.  So far so good and I have been throwing fresh herbs in everything, including these veggies.  If you have other herbs you like, throw them in too.  Rosemary or thyme would be delicious and add lots of flavor.

I have already made this twice in the past few weeks.  Both times I served with my favorite Grilled Basil Rub Chicken.  I also like to serve bread on the side, such as Baking Powder Biscuits or Copycat Famous Dave's Cornbread Muffins.   

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