March 8, 2015

Rise and Shine Breakfast Bagel Sandwich and a Giveaway

This breakfast bagel sandwich is inspired by my favorite breakfast bagel I get from my local sandwich shop.  My homemade version might even be better . . . just saying :)  You can have this ready in less than 15 minutes, which is less time than it would take you to get dressed and drive to that sandwich shop.

I could eat this sandwich every single day for breakfast.  I crave this all the time.  A toasted bagel, topped with melty American Cheese, smoked ham, medium-cooked eggs and velvety smooth cream cheese.  Breakfast of Champions right here.    

I used none other than Eggland's Best Eggs!  I feel so good when I eat Eggland's Best Eggs, because I know they are packed with so many nutrients and they have 25% less saturated fat than ordinary eggs. 

Click HERE to read more, to get the delicious recipe and to enter the GIVEAWAY.


  1. Yum---looks sooo much better than that pop tart I had this morning!

  2. That is one mouth-watering bagel! Gorgeous!

  3. I must say that I don't have a single "favorite" way to eat an egg. I love eggs in just about any form: fried (sunny side up), scrambled, hard boiled, deviled, egg salad, ---- well, you get the idea.

    I must say that your breakfast bagel sandwich looks delicious. Much better than mine. Thanks for sharing.


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