March 11, 2015

Mini Puffed Oven Pancakes

I make a lot of pancakes in my house, regular, toasted coconut, cornmeal, German, etc . . . BUT this was the first time I had tried a mini puffed oven pancake. 

The mini pancakes themselves are not sweet at all and if you taste them plain, you might not like them so much.  BUT . . . when you top them with sugary sweet and juicy strawberries, powdered sugar and fresh whipped cream . . . THEY ARE SO YUMMY.

I bought some beautiful bright red strawberries at the grocery store the other day.  I chopped some of them up and topped with a few Tablespoons of sugar.  After 10-15 minutes, you will have sweet and juicy strawberries that taste absolutely amazing on top of these pancakes.  If you don't have any fresh strawberries, jam would be perfect on top too.  Or, you could always serve them with warm maple syrup.     

I shared this recipe over at THE RECIPE CRITIC'S site.  Click HERE to see the post. 

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Mini Puffed Oven Pancakes

¾ c. milk
½ c. all-purpose flour
2 eggs
⅛ tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla extract

For serving:
powdered sugar
1½ c. chopped strawberries mixed with 3-4 Tbl. of sugar, allow to sit for 10 min. or until juicy
whipped cream
maple syrup
Place mini muffin tin in the oven and preheat to 400 degrees. Meanwhile, add the milk, flour, eggs, salt and vanilla to a blender and blend until smooth. Remove hot muffin tin from oven and spray very well with cooking spray. Fill muffin cups ½ - ¾ full with batter and return muffin tin to oven.
Bake for 15-17 minutes or until puffed up and lightly golden brown. 
Carefully remove pancakes from muffin tin (I used a toothpick) and serve topped with powdered sugar, chopped strawberries and whipped cream or serve with maple syrup. Makes about 24 mini pancakes.

adapted from: Our Best Bites

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  1. Looks Good! I've made these before but, only for roast dinner. The actual name is Yorkshire Pudding. Will definitely have to try them with sweet toppings.


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