November 23, 2013

10 Roll Recipes for Thanksgiving

Since Homemade Rolls are the most important part of Thanksgiving Dinner :) I put together a list of 10 delicious recipes for you (in no particular order).  I have made Roll #8 Our Best Bites' Dinner Rolls for the past two Thanksgivings and everyone loves them.


  1. I love Rolls! Thanks for sharing all of these recipes! =)

  2. I've always known how good you were with rolls Jenn but I had forgotten about several of these! Love having them all together like this - pinned! I'd love to share one on Facebook this week - let me know which one and I'll get it up!

  3. Oh bring on the carb overload!!! What a great round up of rolls...there are a few I haven't seen before! Yum!!!


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