July 25, 2020

Keto Strawberry Dream Dessert

This is my Keto version of that famous Strawberry Jello Pretzel Salad that I'm sure you have all seen or at least hopefully eaten.  That original version is one of my absolute favorite treats, especially during Summer, but it's not something that works on a low-carb diet.  So, it was time for a low-carb, keto-friendly, version.  The result is THE BEST KETO DESSERT EVER!!!  Seriously, this is DIVINE and approved by the whole family. 

There are several steps to making this dessert, but every single step is well worth it. 
To make it easier for serving, I made them in individual serving cups.  These are very generous servings and are guaranteed to satisfy.  They start with a layer of sugar-free Strawberry Jello on the bottom.  You can always use another flavor if you prefer.  The next layer is a fluffy, sweet and extra creamy whipped cream mixture.  The final layer is the crunchy topping.  You guys . . . this crunchy topping is unbeatable . . . It is salty, a little sweet and super crunchy.  You won't find another crunchy topping better than this.  

When all of these layers are eaten together, it is like a dream, because you can't believe how dang good it is.  
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One recipe makes 12 very generous servings.  You might be able to find perfect little plastic lids for your cups, but I went with good old plastic wrap to cover mine.  

Make sure to store them in the refrigerator and they stay fresh up to an entire week.  The strawberries on top were just for garnish on mine, but you can always add fresh fruit to yours, it'll up the carb count though.  With the online nutrition calculator that I used, it calculated about 2.17 net carbs per cup.  Please use your trusted nutrition calculator to calculate all macros.  

You have got to try this dessert whether you are on a low carb diet or not.  It's delicious.

Keto Strawberry Dream Dessert
From: Jenn@eatcakefordinner
(Printable Recipe)

Strawberry Layer:
1 (6 oz.) box sugar-free Strawberry Jello
2 cups boiling water
2 cups ice cold water

Whipped Cream Cheese Layer:
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup granulated Swerve (or similar sweetener), divided
2 tsp. vanilla extract, divided
2 c. heavy whipping cream

Pecan Topping:
2 c. pecans, chopped
1/2 c. almond flour
1/3 c. granulated Swerve (or similar sweetener)
4 Tbl. unsalted butter, melted
1 tsp. kosher salt

Place 12 (9 oz.) plastic cups on a sheet tray (make sure the sheet tray will fit in your fridge); set aside. For the Strawberry Layer:  Add the boiling water to a med-large measuring bowl with a pour spout.  Add the jello powder and whisk until the jello is dissolved.  Stir in the cold water. Allow to sit until lukewarm.  Then, pour evenly into the 12 cups.  Carefully place the cups in the refrigerator and allow to set up.  

For the Whipped Cream Cheese Layer:   In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese, 1/2 cup of the Swerve and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract until smooth and creamy; set aside.  In the bowl of a stand mixer, add the whipping cream and whip until frothy, then add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and gradually add the remaining 1/4 cup of Swerve.  Turn up the speed and beat until thick and fluffy.  Add the cream cheese mixture to the whipped cream and mix until combined, making sure to scrape the bowl once or twice.  Spoon evenly into cups over set up jello layer. Refrigerate.

For the Pecan Topping:  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In a medium bowl, combine the chopped pecans, almond flour, Swerve and kosher salt.  Add the melted butter and toss together with a fork until everything is coated in butter.  Pour into a lightly greased 8x8 glass baking dish and press down evenly.  Bake for 10-11 minutes or until toasted.  Remove from oven and allow to cool completely.  Once cool, break into chunks and cover each cup with topping.  It might seem like a lot of crunchy topping, but it's perfect.  Serve right away or cover each cup with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve.  These stay fresh up to a week.  

Recipe adapted from an Instagram Story I saw on hannah_nos_carbs

Note: Eat Cake For Dinner does not provide nutritional facts.  If you would like to know the macros on this recipe, please use an online nutrition calculator.

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